How you can make a difference
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Our volunteer program is a great way to spend time, help your community and make some animals (and yourself) very happy. Volunteers play a critical role in keeping our animals healthy and happy, thereby improving the quality of their lives while here at the shelter. Volunteers help with everything from animal handling to stuffing envelopes. We offer many opportunities. Please click the link to the left for more information on the various opportunities available.
Bright Futures Community Service Volunteers
- Must have school approval
- 16-18 yrs old must have parental permission
- Must commit to a regular schedul with a minimum of 4 hours per month and no more than 3 unexcused absenses
-Must be attentive to animals. Texting and cell phone use should be kept to a minimum
-Must be mature, dependable, ambitious, able to follow instructions and able to work independently on assigned tasks
-May only help with administrative duties, dog socialization (limited to appropriate dogs), cat socialization and cleaning
-Wear clothes that can get dirty or ruined

Court Ordered Community Service Volunteers
We do not accept persons that have been charged with violence or abuse of animals.
- 16-18 yrs old must have parental permission
- Must be a non-violent offense
-Bring C/S paperwork the first day
-Must wear closed toe shoes
-Wear clothes that can get dirty or ruined.
-No guarantee of set amount of hours
-Report between 7:00 and 7:30 AM Mon- Sat.
-No Community Service hours on Sunday
- 16-18 yrs old must have parental permission
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