Snippy and Spunky (now Honey)

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Here are a few pictures of Snippy and his big brother, Spunky, whom we also adopted from CARE. Spunky’s name is now Honey, and is an eleven 11 pound big boy. Snippy is yet to be re-named. Nothing we’ve thought of so far seems to fit.

As you can see, Snippy is quite a character, and is a cannon ball throughout our two bedroom home. He was so happy to have all this running space that it took him some time learning to stop without slamming into furniture, windows and walls! He didn’t get hurt, but it’s difficult to watch him and Honey chasing in full throttle. He now has the hang of stopping and doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

He also loves to climb things. He loves high places. He knows how to climb the face of a shelf, and by watching me open them, he tries to open drawers with his paws and mouth.

He is the companion that Honey needed when playtime didn’t match our hours, like at 3am. Their relationship has come to grooming terms.

We love these two so much, and they give us purpose to wake up in the morning and are a distraction away from mundane things in life.

We cannot imagine life without them.
With many thanks

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