I have two animals from C.A.R.E and I used to volunteer at the shelter when I lived in FL. It is a no kill shelter with remarkable staff (aka, one paid staff and lots of volunteers) that are truly dedicated to the animals in residence. Definitely a wonderful place to adopt from or volunteer at!

Carrie S., Adopted from CARE

15yrs ago I adopted my first pet from CARE, my cat Bossy. He was an awesome pet and part of the family and everyone there was amazing! Sadly I lost Bossy last year to natural causes, he was an amazing companion for me and my family for 14yrs and we will never forget him!!

Monica H., Adopted from CARE

We adopted our Jenny from CARE 8 yrs ago. The volunteers were so kind and helpful and the adoption process was very easy. Jenny has brought so much joy and love to us. Our next pet will be adopted from CARE when it’s time.

Kelli G., Adopted from CARE