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Katie arrived on Aug 9 and quickly appointed herself queen of the castle. Maybe that’s why she likes to sleep in high places like on the high boy dresser or the top of the fridge. Ashton came a week later to be a friend. Katie was not amused. So they didn’t get along for a few days. When I was ready to give up I saw them sitting together watching a gecko on the patio. Now they get along fine. Ashton got a new name, “Quincy”. It fits him as he is quizical and explores everything. He has his favorite rag rug which he rolls around on as well a sleeps on it. He “helps” open the vertical blinds by pulling on the cords with me then rolling around under the blinds as they open or close. He has a cloth ball he carries around for security. Katie helps me make the bed by jumping at the sheets and spread as I try to get them in place. Both do their job of stalking the chamelions and geckos that climb on the windows in the sun room as well as keeping an eye on the water birds by the lake. When I’m watching TV on the recliner he lays on the footrest while she sits on top of the recliner back. I don’t need an alarm clock as they remind me when its time for breakfast. They have added a lot of joy and excitement to the house!
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