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Rosco was found in the woods with a large plastic container covering his head. The couple who found him brought him to C.A.R.E. where he was given unconditional love and care. After two and a half years in shelter care, Rosco was adopted.


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He’s doing great! He has become a part of the family now. We got hom a vet that we really like at Boyette Animal hospital. He’s also been groomed at PetSmart. He loves my four year old daughter and thinks she belongs to him lol.

Inky (Now Sebastian)

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I have been preparing what might be an article for Critter Chronicles concerning Sebastian (formerly Inky). He is doing wonderful and I have no idea how someone could let him go nor how I have lived without him! He is MY dog; it’s like he has been in my home forever!!! He’s so smart, funny, loving, sweet….there aren’t enough good adjectives to use to describe him!!

We’ve taken plenty of pictures and he has visited all my coworkers at the hospice office. He is so well-mannered! His coat and skin are looking better and we are slowly getting weight on him. It’ll take some time, but he is really making progress!!

I cannot thank you all enough!!! I’ll bring by what I prepare and if you want to use it, feel free…!! At least pass it around to the staff, please.

Keep up the good work and thanks again so much for letting me meet and take home this wonderful new member of my family!!


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I have happy and sad news to report. Happy I have a TERRIFIC dog to take home with me. Sad because we are moving far away. Tilly and I will be on the road in Feb to make a new home in Oregon. It is not a new home for me, but for us. Tilly and I will miss the great dog park in Apollo Beach. I know there will be a lot of squirrels to keep her entertained.