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Rolo with another member of his new pack, Pretty Boy the cat.  Rolo enjoys playing a towel game I do with the others, "where's Rolo". After drying the pups off I drape the towel over their heads and say "where's Rolo" the other pups love it and he thought it looked like fun too. Now it's…
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Tyson (or nugget I like to call him sometimes) is doing great in his new home.  He loves his new boy, my son Kaden, and he comes with us just about everywhere we go!  We plan on taking him to some dog training classes soon so we can get him socialized with other dogs.  …
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This is a photo of Simba (now Zoe) in her new forever home.  Aren't those ears just ADORABLE!
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Magnum is learning to love his forever human, even though it may be strange to have an entire house all to himself!  His forever mom noticed he seemed to be missing all his BFF's at the shelter, so she shared her cat calendar with him so he could see other feline faces. He rubbed on…
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